AirSig Developer Portal

AirSig is expert of VR/AR gesture and signature recognition. With AirSig, you can just draw a symbol to fast change weapons, perform skills, or even create your own “Magic” gesture in game. AirSig can also be applied to authentication. Just sign your name with controller, you can fast authenticate yourself. AirSig's security strength is certified to meet financial requirement.

Demo VR Game Using AirSig SDK

Play it before you use our SDK!    Daydream Demo Game VIVE Demo Game Oculus Demo Game

Gesture Interaction Expriences in VR/AR Game

Here are some examples that using gesture recognition to empower VR/AR game interactions, with AirSig you can create this kind of experience easily.


This game use a Leap Motion sensor combine with AirSig technology to achieve bare hand gesture recognition.

8th Shore: inVokeR

Telekinetic powers in your hands

Runes: The Forgotten Pat

Telekinetic powers in your hands


Telekinetic powers in your hands

Meleap: HADO

Telekinetic powers in your hands